client. Universal Security Instruments

project. Product Brochure

description. 16 page contractor brochure featuring smoke detectors, and ventilation products

client. Universal Security Instruments

project. Contractors Product Brochure

description. 4 page contractor brochure featuring Smart Alarms

client. PowerBoss / Minuteman

project. Silica Awareness Brochure 

description. 4 page brochure promoting three new industrial cleaning machines to battle silica dust  

client. Minuteman

project. Product Brochure 

description. 12 page brochure featuring commercial, industrial and institutional cleaning equipment 

client. Minuteman

project. Product Sales Sheets 

description. 2-page, single product sheets with specifications

client. Belden Universal

project. Conference Displa 

description. Large floor display for universal joints and drive shaft conference 

client. Keystone | Innovations in Color Solutions 

project. Rebranded Key Communications Literature   

components. Industry-Driven Capabilities Brochures, and Technical Sheets